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General Weather Conditions
Average Highs F
Average Lows F
Water Temperatures
Be Here Rating
January to mid-March Winter - temperatures hover around 30F with occasional blizzards and really cold weather (0F-10F). Sometimes we can get a warm spell where the temperature goes up to 50F-60F 30F-35F
Don't Ask
Lots of snow the last few years The ice floes broke the thermometer! An experience, especially if you love outdoor winter sports and really, really bright sunshine! Hard to love but it's often really beautiful.
Mid-March to early April A mixture of the above and below 35F-60F
from freezing to warm
Lots in late March/early April The ice usually melts by now… Late March can be dicey, mid-April beautiful It's lovely to be here during the transition from winter to spring
Late April to early June From late April onwards we start to get beautiful warm spring weather with warm (sometimes hot) days and cool nights. There's still a chance that winter will rear its ugly head but we usually beat it back completely by early-May or so. 60F-75F
By mid-June our wells often start to run dry. Our lobster season is May 1 to Jun 30. At the start of the season the water is freezing but we often can go swimming by early-June. Great time to be here - it is often beautiful and completely uncrowded If your holiday is not restricted to the summer months this is a great and less expensive time to be here
Mid-June to mid-Sept Sunny, hot, dry. Most often day after day after day. Very pleasant and coolish warm at night. If we get bad weather it comes and goes in 2 - 4 days. 80F-90F
By this time we're normally begging for some rain…please, do a rain dance somebody… 70F-75F Due to the Gulf Stream we have the "warmest waters north of North Carolina" And yes, we really do… Excellent time to visit. What we consider 'high-season' still means completely deserted beaches and very few tourists… You can't go wrong coming during this time…
Mid-Sept to Late Oct Sunny, hot, and sometimes with some rain. Very pleasant and warm during the day - cooling off at night. 70F-85F
Some rainy days but often very few In early fall the ocean water is as warm or warmer than in the summer Often a stunningly beautiful time to be here. The fall is my favourite time of year to be here - come at this time if your schedule is flexible
Late-Oct to Mid- Dec It is often sunny and surprising warm - sometimes right through December. In '03 the car top was down on Dec 26 - it was 65F at night! Occasionally though, we get an early taste of winter-ugh! 50F-70F
Varied weather brings more varied forms of precipitation Only for the hardy! We've been known to occasionally go 'ice-sailing' (ask over a bottle of wine…) You're taking your chances but you can be very pleasantly surprised. Be prepared to experience it all.
Dec to Jan Chances of snow for Christmas is about 60%-70%. Can be very bright and sunny, especially with fresh, festive snow. 30F-40F
If we get it it's usually snow. Do you have to ask? Definitely A very peaceful and festive time of year to get away from it all.