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For guests who are flying please book your tickets into Halifax International Airport, our small but efficient hub. From the airport it is an easy 2 hour drive to the South Side Harbour property. Though it entails a longer drive from the airport (about 3.5 hours) you may also fly into Saint John, New Brunswick (not St. John’s Newfoundland – yes, it’s happened before! – that would extend your drive to include a 16 hour overnight ferry ride!)

If you're flying your own private plane there are two local airports: Trenton (near New Glasgow) and Port Hawkesbury (just as you enter Cape Breton)

Driving generally gives good directions though its estimated driving times are often too high. I suggest using MapQuest to plan your route but reduce the driving time by 10-15%. If you drive a convertible I find that it reduces driving times even further - haven’t quite figured out why, really!


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Driving From The Eastern United States?
If you’re driving from the Eastern US Seaboard you have the option of taking a high-speed catamaran ferry that runs between Bar Harbour, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. During the summer the ferry runs twice daily and does the trip in 2 hours and 45 minutes. From Yarmouth it is a 300 mile drive to the property, an easy 4½ - 5½ hour drive along beautiful country highways.

Note that taking the high-speed ferry doesn’t really save much time – the driving distance from Bar Harbour to Antigonish is about 450 miles which can be driven in 7-8 hours. Many of my guests take the ferry coming up and then drive back through New Brunswick.

Below is a chart of the rough distances and driving time between a number of key North American cities and Antigonish, Nova Scotia.


Estimated Driving times and Distances from various points in the United States and Canada.




Driving Time

Toronto 1133 m 1813 km 19 hours
Halifax 138 m 221km 2.2 hours
Montreal 795 m  1272 km 13 hours
Quebec City 657 m 1051 km 10 hours
Boston 714 m  114 km 11 hours
New York 924 m  1478 km 14 hours
New Jersey 1015 m  1624 km 15 hours
Chicago 1691 m   2706 km 26 hours

19 hours