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Dar ix-Xemx
Access to the main floor is down a pathway with three steps and then one step up into the front entrance. Itís possible for someone to sleep on the main floor (using the pull-out couch); all other bedrooms are located upstairs. Each self-contained apartment has its own separate entrance down a pathway with shallow stairs. All facilities are then accessible on one floor.

The Bishopís Cottage
From the parking area access to the main floor is up one step onto the front deck and then straight into the front entrance. Please let me know if a ramp is needed to get over this step. There are two (or possibility three) bedrooms on the main floor. In addition, a full bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and outside deck are all accessible from the main level. The two upper bedrooms and second bathroom require going up a relatively narrow winding stairway.

The Carriage House
Access to the main floor is down a pathway with a series of shallow steps and then a flight of stairs into the front entrance. The main bedroom and sleeping nook are on the main floor, in addition to a full bathroom, kitchen, dining/living room and outside deck. The loft space requires going up a steep shipís ladder, which Iím afraid is the antithesis of accessibility (but at least itís really funky!)

The Boat House
Entrance to the Boat House is up a couple stairs to the deck and then on through the front door. The kitchen, living, dining and bathroom spaces are on the main floor Ė the bedrooms are up a flight of stairs.

Special Needs
If you have any special health, dietary or other needs please let me know. Iíd be happy to try to accommodate you whenever I can.