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Standard Contract

South Side Vacations Inc.

Rental Agreement

 Between: xxx, (hereinafter Tenant) of:

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone - home:   ___________________________    Phone - work:   _____________________________      

Phone – cell:   _____________________________    E-mail:               __ ___________________________   


South Side Vacations Inc. (hereafter Landlord)

Re: Agreement for Rental of


In consideration of the rent and other terms set out in this Rental Agreement to be paid and performed by

the Tenant, the Landlord agrees to lease the premises indicated above for the period of:

Saturday, _, 20XX (starting at 3:00 pm) to Saturday, _ 20XX (ending at 9:00am).

 The Tenant accepts the following terms and conditions:

 1.       To pay in United States Dollars the rent for the stated period. As outlined in the attached schedule,

1.the rent and fees for the period outlined above shall be $US_ (which includes Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) if applicable). In addition, a damage deposit of $US_ is also required. The combined total of $US_ is due in two installments:

 $US_ at the time of booking and

 $US_ on or before _ 20XX

Upon ascertaining that no damage has occurred to the house, the Landlord will reimburse the damage deposit in full within ten business days of the date of departure. Unless otherwise agreed by the Landlord and Tenant, reimbursement of the deposit will be via post-dated cheque given to the Tenant on or before the day of departure.

2.       Cancellation and Refund policy. The Tenant acknowledges that because of the short rental season in

Nova Scotia, they are buying the time available in the property and they own that time slot. If the

second installment is not paid when due, it shall amount to a written cancellation notice, unless

payment is received and cashed within five business days of a written notification by the Landlord

requesting immediate payment. Nevertheless should the need arise to cancel the booking, the

Tenant will inform the Landlord in writing as soon as possible. The rent already paid will be refunded,

save for a 15% administration fee and HST on same, only if the period previously rented out to the

Tenant is booked to a new tenant. If the new booking is at a rate lower than paid for by the Tenant,

the lower of the two rents (less the administration fee) will be refunded to the Tenant within ten days

from the end of the period previously rented out to the Tenant. The damage deposit will be refunded

in full regardless within ten days of the receipt of notice of cancellation.


3.       To maintain the premises in a state of cleanliness and repair to the Owner's full satisfaction, any

damage caused to the premises and contents by willful or negligent conduct or that of persons who

are permitted on the premises by them, save normal wear and tear. The Tenant agrees to pay for

any such damage, first by set off against the damage deposit and if needed, cash for the excess, if

any. Upon departure, all debris, rubbish and discards should be placed in the garbage box at the top

of the road and all soiled dishes washed and cleaned. Any additional cleaning costs incurred due to

the premises being left unreasonably dirty will be charged back to the Tenant’s damage deposit.


4.       Not to assign or sublet any portion of the premises.


5.       Not to consume any illegal drugs while on the premises. With no exceptions, ALL smoking is to be

confined strictly to the outside of the building.


6.       To leave all furnishings as found upon the start of the rental period (damages by accidental fire, lightening and tempest excepted).


7.       If applicable, to practice responsible pet ownership at all times. Pets are allowed inside all areas of

the house (except on any furniture). Pet owners need to pick up after their pets at all time (wooded

areas of the property excepted). Pets need to be housetrained, not pose a danger to humans or

other animals, in good general health and inoculated for applicable issues (such as fleas in dogs.)


8.       To vacate the premises on the agreed-upon date and at the agreed upon time. Any changes to the

departure date/time must be agreed to beforehand by the Landlord. Non-payment of rent or non-

performance of the conditions shall warrant re-entry and possession by the Landlord.



The Landlord accepts the following terms and conditions:


9.       The Landlord agrees to maintain the premises in a good state of repair during the lease period and to

maintain the household insurance policy.


10.   The Landlord covenants with the Tenant for reasonable quiet enjoyment.


11.   The Landlord shall not be liable for any injuries or damage sustained by the Tenant while renting the

premises or using its contents, irrespective of how the injuries or damage was caused, save and

except gross negligence of the Landlord.



In witness of our acceptance of the commitments outlined in this Rental Agreement, all parties have

signed this document. Each party has retained a duplicate original copy.



Landlord ____________________________________ Date ____________________



Tenant    ____________________________________             Date ___________________


General Liability Waiver

  I, xxx, the Tenant renting the premises outlined above, and all friends and family members staying with me, waive all liability against any accidents, injury or death, in whatever way caused, save from gross negligence of the Landlord arising from the use of any land or water-based recreational equipment during our stay. The recreational equipment includes, but is not limited to, the decks, sailboats, canoes, kayak, bicycles, skis, hottub, hammocks, swings, gas barbecue, outdoor gas heater, Mexican fireplace, treehouse etc.


  ______________________________________ xxx, Tenant



  ______________________________________ at _____________________________________


Payment Terms
Normally, a deposit equal to the damage deposit is to be paid at the time of initial booking – this secures the desired time slot and property. Then, half of the applicable rent is due when the contract is signed. The subsequent rent is due on the first day of the previous two months before the start of the rental period. E.g. For a booking that is made on January 15, 20XX and that starts on August 5 th, half the payment is due when the contract is signed in January and the rest of the payment is due on or before June 1, 20XX.

Children and Infants Policy
I enjoy children and welcome them. Please let me know what you need to ensure the smoothest holiday possible. While each of the properties is pretty rugged parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s conduct – please ensure that the normal bounds of behavior are adhered to.

Pet Policy
Most pets are welcome as part of the family. They (especially dogs) will love the 10 acres of land on which they can roam along with the miles of coastline and beach.

Pets are allowed in all inside areas of the property but not on any of the furniture. Pet owners are also asked to pick up after their pets at all time (though in wooded areas of the property please let them poop to their hearts - or bowels - content). Pets need to be housetrained, not pose a danger to humans, in good general health and inoculated for applicable issues (such as fleas in dogs.)

Check-In/Check-Out time.
Normal Check-In time is 3:00pm and Check-Out time is 9:00am on the day of departure. My cleaning staff need every hour of this time to clean each property. If you have special needs please let me know – depending upon the next booking it is sometimes possible to alter slightly the Check-In/Check-Out time.